Senior Lecturers

Gary Johannes - CPHT Birmingham Hypnotherapy TrainingGary Johannes

One of 9 children, aged 14, my Mum told me I needed money more than I needed to understand trigonometry or recite the chemical code for tin at the drop of a hat and to ‘go out there and be successful’, so that’s exactly what I did. At the age of 16 I joined the Royal Air Force and spent 6 years learning self-discipline and hard work, when I left the RAF I spent years in sales leaning the psychology of what makes people buy some things and not others…

I always had a thing with live music and events so in the mid 90’s I got into the entertainment and food industry. I owned and managed bars, nightclubs, restaurants and a coffee shop. The hours were long, the pace was fast and the money was mostly good.

Although I pushed myself to the max and made what others would term a success of my life, I always felt inadequate around people who’d completed their education. It got me into trouble once or twice, but mostly it was just hugely limiting. There were so many things I wouldn’t try, didn’t want to do and places I wouldn’t go, I seriously hindered my own professional success. I was like a balloon trying to fly high on a very short string.

Until one day I joined a local networking group and met a clinical hypnotherapist. She became my colleague, my friend and my mentor, she gave me my first ever clinical hypnotherapy sessions. I’m not sure if she changed or if she saved my life, but I suspect it was the latter.

There are so many words I could use, like transformation and life changing, that merely hint at the tip of the iceberg to what happened to me. My string was immediately and forever lengthened and my balloon could finally fly high with the eagles.

I made a decision there and then to study the brain and went on to not only train as a clinical hypnotherapist, but I now teach clinical hypnotherapy too.

Whatever your circumstances, issues or current emotions, if your life feels out of control or – like me – your string is too short, get in touch. Now! You never know. You might be so impressed with your own personal results, that you come and train to be a clinical hypnotherapist too.

Hi, I’m Carmen Harrington and I’m a solution focused hypnotherapist with Inspired to Change Market Harborough, Leicestershire.

Originally from New Zealand, I came over to the UK in 1989 and worked in London doing accounting. When my daughter was born, we moved to Market Harborough and I was really lucky to be at home with her.  Once she was at school I needed something more so I went back to my first love of piano and started teaching. In fact being a music teacher was always something I’d assumed I’d end up doing.

One evening at a WI meeting, Gary came to speak about hypnotherapy and what he said was a eureka moment for me. I had never heard of hypnotherapy so learning how the brain works and why we suffer the way we do was one of most amazing things I’d heard. I just made sense! So I booked to study hypnotherapy with Gary and I have had the best, life-changing experience.

I now have a busy clinic and also work as a senior lecturer mostly in Birmingham. One of the best aspects of hypnotherapy for me is being able to apply all the techniques so I can keep on top of my own mental health, using my newly found confidence to help clients and students be the best versions of themselves.

I also run a CPD on Addictions, helping graduates understand in more detail how effective SFH is for supporting and helping both those with addictions and the wider family impacted by it.

Nicole Woodcock 

Hi, I’m Nicole Woodcock. Clinical Hypnotherapist at Hummingbird Hypnotherapy based in Bourne, Lincolnshire. I also lecture for CPHT Peterborough and Birmingham.

I have spent most of my career working with people. 8 years of that in venue management in Leicester managing football crowds and wedding receptions. But my call has always been to work with people with additional needs and challenging behaviour in particular working with children. Spending 11 years working for the local authority with children with autism, sensory processing and development delay I thought my career was going to be here forever.

7 years ago we decided to start a family and things changed quite a lot. After my son was born my anxiety hit the roof and so I had some sessions with Gary which helped immensely. I then decided to have another baby and spoke to Gary about self hypnosis for childbirth. Changed my mind and became a life changing moment for me. We had our perfect day, perfect home birth and daddy delivered our bundle of joy.

4 months later I joined CPHT Peterborough. I had no idea how much things were going to change. 10 months later Hummingbird Hypnotherapy opened its doors and hasn’t looked back. In 2017 I was awarded Peterborough New Small Business award in my first year of trading.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has changed my life direction and I became a sole trader in May 2018 after my job position closed for the Local authority.